Sunday, April 13, 2008

I attended a Maryland Gridiron Network event on Saturday morning. The football team had a practice and MGN members were invited to attend. Following the practice was a lunch in the Gossett Team House. On the way back to our car in parking lot 1 I noticed the scoreboard at Ludwig Field was illuminated and balloons were being delivered. Clearly an event was scheduled this afternoon.

I checked out the UMTerps website and discovered the women's soccer team entertained Penn this afternoon in a Spring schedule. The weather was threatening but I decided to make a go of it and I headed home to grab my pack. I made it back to Ludwig just before faceoff at 3pm.

There weren't any CSC guards and only a sprinkling of fans. No other photographers or reporters were present. I unpacked my gear and rigged up the D200 with the 400mm lens and used the D2H with my 70-200. I bought a lock and used it to attach my bag to a flagpole. I also locked up the contents of the Think Tank bag using their combo lock. It felt good to know that all my spare equipment was safely tucked away.

The game itself was pretty fun to shoot. I enjoy outdoor games because of the abundance of light. It was also fun shooting a soccer team again. I haven't shot them since late October or early November. It was surreal shooting soccer in Spring. I kept thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years rather than Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

I used my recorder to keep track of the game's progress. I failed to take a picture of the scoreboard because the UM staff turned it off almost immediately after the game concluded. I was really happy that I took close notes on my recorder because Maryland didn't post a box score. They didn't even post an article either, so I recreated everything from memory.

When I got home I posted my photos and wrote up an article for the DC Sports Box. Please read about Maryland's spring women's soccer games and view my photographs over at the DC Sports Box.


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