Monday, April 21, 2008

A coworker from my Zenoss gig (Jason Stevens) asked if he could shadow me around for a day of shooting. We hit the softball senior photos first and then headed over to baseball. Jason manned the 300/2.8 lens while I stayed on the 400/2.8.

The game was a little tricky to shoot due to the weather. It rained on and off and the crowds were pretty low and variable. The light changed a few stops a couple of times. It wasn't too difficult to manage but it was a little unusual. High puffy clouds are actually worse because you go from beaming sunlight to a dark field pretty quickly.

My biggest fear during this game was that our equipment would get wet. I know that the bodies and lenses are supposed to be water sealed, but I'd still prefer not to try it out in the field. We wrapped our gear in trash bags before heading out and those trash bags did us well as the day unfolded. When it did look like storm clouds we used the garbage bags as cushions so we could stay dry. When the clouds opened up we were thankful to have them (we wrapped our gear up in them)!

Jason and I actually snapped almost the exact same shot. It was pretty funny to hear both our shutters fire at the same time. Very eery.

Unfortunately the game was called due to rain and the Terps were down at the end of 5. That gave Tech the official victory even though the Terps had the momentum heading into the sixth. By the time the lightning cleared the outfield was underwater and a resumption of play seemed unlikely. Then the lightning resumed and the game was officially called.

I enjoyed shooting with Jason. Hopefully in the future we'll have more opportunities to shoot together.


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