Sunday, April 13, 2008

Water Polo: Maryland Terrapins vs Michigan

Dave and I headed over to Water Polo before the baseball game ended. It was Dave's first water polo game (and just my third) so it was pretty enjoyable. There were a lot of Terrapin fans there, including some members of the Maryland pep band. Today's matchups were pretty good and put the cap on a great season for the Terps.

We arrived just before the third period and took our position towards the side of the pool where the Terps shot. Dave used his D3 and 300mm while I remained on my D200 and 400mm lens. The reach on the 400mm is great but at times it's just too close for water polo. A 300mm lens (or the full frame sensor on the D3) would make a big difference.

The lighting in the recreation center was great because the sun was still out. At night the light isn't great but it's still workable at ISO 1600. I noticed that Dave went to Auto-ISO for some shots. I like to stay static on my settings and vary my shutter speed if necessary.

The colors from Dave's shots were really vibrant. I think his white balance was off though. I need to do some work to figure out how to correctly adjust my white balance. I just set it to the incandescent pre-set and that works pretty well most of the time. But this afternoon's light was a blend of sunlight through the windows and overhead incandescent light. It'd be good to figure out how to actually do that.

I took a lot of notes using my recorder and they helped in my write-up. UM doesn't provide much of a box score for water polo and the article doesn't give too many details about who scored what and when. Having the recorder was a really great tool.

Please go read my article and view our photos of the Terrapins vs Michigan water polo match.


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