Monday, April 21, 2008

After the women's lacrosse final home game I checked in at the softball stadium to see how Dave Lovell was doing. He had on jeans and a pretty heavy shirt and looked mighty hot carrying all that black Nikon equipment. I grabbed a bottle of water for him and threw down some red gatorade for myself. It was the best gatorade I've ever drank.

A few weekends ago I was smitten with a pretty bad sunburn on a chilly (but sunny) afternoon. Today the sun was really bright, the temperature was in the 80s, and I planned on being outdoors for over 8 hours. I reapplied sunscreen constantly and wore my photography hat and that made a difference. By the time I bumped into Dave at softball I was about 2 hours into my day and was already burning up.

I headed home to do some post-processing. In about 45 minutes I cranked through 400-500 frames, cropped, and did some minor color alterations. There's not much you need to do in post-processing when the lighting conditions are so supreme. I was pleased I got through so much in such a short amount of time. I'm definitely improving in the post-processing department.

Heading back to baseball I wondered what the game had in store. The Terps pulled out a win on Friday evening but Georgia Tech was a good team. Would the Yellow Jackets rally back, or would the Terps overcome the No. 21 ranked team in the country?

The game started to head south midway through and Tech took a 13-5 lead. Some fans decided to leave, but most stayed. Many of the fans are girlfriends or family members of the players on the two teams. It's a 50/50 crowd most of the time between family members of the visiting team and family members of the Terps.

Dave Lovell has walked amongst them for the past several games and has done an excellent job in striking up conversation with them. I had a couple of them ask me if I shot with the DC Sports Box. It was the first time someone else asked me about the DC Sports Box (usually I'm the one telling them about our group). It's a good sign...

A pair of DoD photographers were present. I gave them some pointers in where they could and couldn't go in the stadium. They stuck around for about 3 innings before bailing.

When the game got into the bottom of eigth the Terps turned it around. And by the bottom of the ninth the Terps retook the game. I had positioned myself along the first base line to catch the celebration that ensued. It was great to see the Terps pull one out.

I got some decent post-game shots and did pretty well with my action shots for the game. Please go read my writeup and view my photos of the Maryland Terrapins and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets baseball game over on the DC Sports Box.


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