Sunday, April 13, 2008

After taking in some soccer I headed over to Shipley Field to shoot some baseball. The sun had emerged from the rainy overcast that moved during the morning hours. I took up position behind home plate and looked around for other photographers and reporters. Nope ... none. Except for Dave Lovell.

Dave's been doing a lot of Maryland games lately and has done a fantastic job. He started off doing softball but has been shooting more and more baseball games. Up until Friday he was limited by his 70-200 lens and as a result softball was a great fit for him. But he faces the same problems I face with long lenses in low light trying to shoot the outfield at Shipley at night. It's almost better to go short in low light situations.

I shot a handful of innings with Dave and chatted with him for awhile about the DC Sports Box. He's noticed a lot of editing mistakes on our written product. I've noticed them too and have fixed them whenever I have a chance. Dave doesn't have access though so all he can do is send an email and ask one of the publishers (me and Al) to fix mistakes.

I would really like for us to formalize our roles at the DC Sports Box. If we define our workflow and the key roles in our reporting process we can start to tap people to fulfill those roles. But if we don't take the first step of documenting the workflow and the roles we can't optimize it. How do you offer to hire someone without first providing a job description?

I'm going to nudge Al to adopt the roles and workflow I wrote up on Google Docs. He bought into it initially. I just think we need final sign off and then we can move forward with building in some publishing redundancy.

My shots from the baseball game were not particularly good. I was mostly there to talk with Dave and get his feedback on how things are going. I took some shots for my personal use but we decided to go with Dave's set for the actual story. Once the article is posted I'll post a link!


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