Sunday, April 20, 2008

Softball: Senior Day

Inclement weather threatened the DC area on Sunday, and the Terrapin baseball game was moved up 54 minutes to accommodate the rain event. I wasn't sure if softball would be moved up, and that event was going to be an important event for the DC Sports Box.

Dave Lovell was asked to shoot the senior photos for Softball and if rain moved up the start time he might not make it there on time. Jason Stevens (from Zenoss) also planned to shadow me around on Sunday to get a taste of sports photography, so I grabbed him early and we headed over to Softball. The game was originally scheduled to start at 1pm but was moved to 12:30. With the rain it didn't actually begin until later and that gave us some breathing room before the official senior ceremony began.

We all kind of milled about looking for the best angles until we settled in on our spaces. Dave set up near the dugout and shot the players coming up onto the field though a cool set of baseball bats. I shot the players as they hugged the coaching staff and other key players, along with their families. Jason kind of floated around taking different shots from interesting perspectives.

It was a lot of fun and I think we did a good job with our shots.

Please go take a look at the Maryland Terrapins 2008 Softball Senior Class over on my Flickr page.


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