Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My NWS pager was beeping all day about flood watches, severe thunderstorm watches, and tornado watches that were being issued in advance of a cold front approaching the area this afternoon. Heavy showers, gusty winds, and possible rotation from a low and strong jet stream were all combining to create a hazardous weather situation in the late afternoon and overnight hours. This was exactly the same time that the No. 5 ranked Maryland women's LAX team was set to take on the No. 2 ranked Virginia Cavaliers on CSTV in College Park.

Al called earlier in the day and offered me a demo Think Tank bag to use on my camera. He didn't have a Nikon adapter for it but the bag would still work. I took him up on the offer and picked it up before heading over to the Field Hockey and Lacrosse Complex in College Park.

I was very pleased that the Terps elected the Field Hockey and Lacrosse Complex over Ludwig as the venue for this evening's game. Ludwig's lighting is awful and is by far the worst lit field I regularly shoot. The Field Hockey and Lacrosse Complex is actually pretty decent and you can get some good shots if you post-process and lighten things up.

As I headed over there I had fond thoughts of the field hockey season and how much I enjoyed using my 400mm lens on this field.

I saw Yuchen at the game along with another photographer I recognized from some other games. Yuchen was there with another writer from the Diamondback. He asked me about the DC Sports Box and asked if he could write for us. I handed him my card and asked him to email me. I figured that's a good first step - if he takes the time to email me that's a good sign. We can then offer him some assignments to cover and if things pan out we can increase our involvement with him. But if things don't work out we can easily back away.

I had a lot of fun shooting lacrosse. It's definitely easier than men's lacrosse because it is slower. However, the women don't collide with each other as much and so it's difficult to get multiple players in the same frame. Most of my shots tonight were good for file photos and it was difficult to get shots of action between players. I did my best though.

Please go over and read about No. 5 Maryland's women's lacrosse win over No. 2 Virginia Cavaliers 8-5 at the Field Hockey and Lacrosse Complex and view my photos.


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