Monday, March 3, 2008

Water Polo: Maryland Terrapins vs Indiana

During the baseball games today Greg Fiume asked me if I was planning on heading over to Water Polo this evening. Since I don't track the Water Polo schedule I wasn't aware there was a game. And since Julie was up at her brother's house this afternoon I figured "why not."

I left Game #3 of Maryland vs Hofstra early and headed home to swap out some memory cards. I was freezing and really looking for an excuse to leave early. After being outside for nearly 6 hours in 40 degree temperatures and 20 - 30 mph winds I needed the comfort of indoors for 10 minutes. I also wanted to grab a quick bite to eat before heading back out.

I moved my photos over to my laptop and headed back to campus after indulging in a quick piece of dark chocolate. Over to the campus recreation center and the student parking lot behind it. I looked at the long climb I had ahead of me with my Think Tank pack and thought "I can't wait for those new wheels to arrive".

As I walked up towards the front desk I started thinking of what I would say to the receptionist. I didn't know where I should go or what hassle they would give me. I told her I was there for the water polo match and she sent me down to the spectator section. Good thing I brought my long lens.

I couldn't shoot the first half of the match because I had to wait for my lenses to warm up from being outdoors all day and being cold. The front element was fogged on both of them and it took about 25 minutes before everything was ready to go.

I took several shots and watched how the game was played. I've never watched a water polo game before so this was a first for me. Unfortunately the Terps lost 10-9 to Indiana in Day 1 of the 2008 Elite Six Tournament. As usual you can find my photos on the DC Sports Box.


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