Monday, March 3, 2008

Water Polo: Maryland Terrapins vs Hartwick

Sitting down and post-processing 2 baseball games and a water polo match on Saturday evening took a lot of work. But I got through the roughly 1,000 photos and got them uploaded to Flickr, DC Sports Box, and my media mirror. I wasn't able to write any articles or update my blog but I felt good that I was able to stay on top of the games. I figure that if I was actually a professional photographer it wouldn't be my job to write articles but I would be expected to produce my photos in a timely manner. In that regard I was pretty happy with myself.

But it was around 1:30am before Julie and I finally went to bed and my body was aching from tugging around all my lenses today. I can't wait for my new wheels to arrive on my Think Tank. Lifting that pack is horrible and it really put a strain on my neck and back muscles today.

As I went to bed I contemplated sleeping in on Sunday morning or getting up and going to the water polo game. If I slept in my body would like me better but then I would miss a game and more importantly I would miss some time. I thought that i I forced myself to get up and go to the game I would then be up to maybe crank out an article before the afternoon baseball game.

It ended up working. I dragged myself out of bed Sunday morning after about 6 hours of sleep and headed off to the recreation center for the water polo match. This time I had warm lenses because I brought my case in from my car last night. I just used the 400/2.8 lens on the D200. There was considerably more light in the pool area than last night because of the large number of windows that are present.

The match went quickly and we were even treated to an extra 2 periods of overtime. Maryland lost to Hartwick 16-17 in overtime, and you can view all my pictures at the DC Sports Box.


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