Monday, March 3, 2008

At the conclusion of last night I had photographed and post processed photos from 3 baseball games, 2 water polo matches, and 1 men's basketball game. I also wrote up the article for the men's basketball game as well as 1 of the water polo matches. I planned to condense my baseball photos from the series into 1 article and that worked out well.

Today was ridiculously warm (62 degrees) and bright sunshine. I planned on waking up early, going to work, skipping lunch, and leaving early to shoot the men's lacrosse game this afternoon but that didn't happen. I'm so tired from working on photos and writing that I didn't manage to crawl out of bed until 8am today. I headed to work, did my thing, and then left at 2:30pm to get to Maryland by 3.

I arrived and walked into Ludwig Field without any problem from the CSC staff. I'm not sure if they were collecting tickets or not but I just walked in and everything was fine. There were a lot of photographers present, including Greg, Yuchen, Bill Vaughn (Terrapin Times), and some wire guys. There were also some photographers I didn't recognize.

I locked up the 400 and 70-200 lenses to my usual D2H and D200 and started shooting. The light was so great. I had my knee pads on and I was able to get really low and shoot the players at the knee level. I bet it must've looked funny to see me in my work attire (corduroys and a turtle neck, along with knee pads, laying flat on the ground taking photos). I had such a good time though - the weather was great, the subjects were lively, and the photographers were all very pleasant and happy.

I didn't get to my photos until late tonight after going through my article backlog but managed to post them to Flickr, DC Sports Box, and my media server. You can read about Maryland's 13-5 defeat of Providence and see photos over at the DC Sports Box.


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