Monday, March 3, 2008

This weekend's slugfest of shooting concluded with the final men's basketball game for the season for the Terrapins. It's seems like the season just started and we (the DC Sports Box) were struggling just to get reporters credentials. A few months later here we are in March and we've only missed 2 (maybe 3) games total.

I'm dragging at this point. I did the Hofstra vs Maryland baseball series this weekend (3 games) as well as two water polo games on campus. They were all very enjoyable events, and the lighting was great. But I had to lug around all my camera gear without the assistance of my wheels. All told my bag probably weighs 50lbs. Without wheels that's a lot of weight to carry around campus!

My body is sore, I'm very tired from staying up late and getting up early, and my Time Machine is spinning it's head off trying to keep up with my post-processing. One nice thing about marathons like this is that they really help you improve your post-processing efficiency. I had less than an hour between the 3 sports today and in that time I managed to do all of my post processing and upload my photos. I'm really happy with that considering it used to take me days to get through a batch of photos from an event.

The game tonight was crowded but fun. I got my regular #1 spot and decided to shoot with the D2H and the 70-200 lens. I went with the D200 and 400mm lens for the long shots. It's overkill but if you are lucky you can get some good shots. The D2H high frame rate works really well. I got some really great action shots under the basket this evening.

I was looking forward to Anthony giving me the night off from writing, but I forgot that he is down in Florida covering the Nationals Spring Training. That meant that my marathon session for the weekend was extended with a writing job for the men's hoops game.

Please go read about Maryland's 70-73 loss to Clemson in the closing 2.3 seconds after Oglesby hits a 3 pointer. I have lots of photos there, and yes my writing stinks.


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