Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wrestling: Maryland Terrapins vs Rutgers

Heading into this weekend I knew I was going to be busy. I shot the Maryland Women's Basketball game on Friday night, then 2 wrestling matches on Saturday, my company holiday party Saturday night, a Maryland Women's basketball game on Sunday, and lastly the Maryland Men's basketball game on Sunday night. Heading into a 2 day 6 event schedule is pretty challenging - you must have all your batteries charged and all your equipment packed and ready to go. While you're at the events you have to stay on top of your game and work through your photos as efficiently as possible.

While I shot the women's game on Friday night I went back through and deleted bad photos during media timeouts. I wrote my article and posted all my photos to my personal archive and to the DC Sports Box before I went to bed on Friday evening. My batteries were on the quickcharger so that they would be ready for wrestling tomorrow.

I did the same thing while shooting wrestling. I went through my photos during the match to reduce my post-processing workload. I managed to get through almost all of them by the time I had to leave to go shoot my company's holiday party.

I finally got around to posting my writeup of the Rutgers wrestling match. Please have a look over at the DC Sports Box.


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