Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 games and 2 losses by 3 points in just 3 days. Times are tough for the young Terrapin team. There are quite a few freshmen and sophomores on this team and I think they could really come together down the road but right now they're playing pretty sloppy. I'm sure that's common with a lot of teams in December, but things are going to have to get tighter as we close out the month and head into conference play in January.

We secured a credential to the men's game tonight and our spot was right there on the floor. There were a few more photographers present tonight but not so many that it was really tight. I had room to haul out my 400mm lens in the first half to shoot the Terps on the far side of the court. I love the shots off the 400mm lens - they really blur out the background and draw my subjects into focus.

I looked at some prices on 300mm lenses. The AF-S II looks to go for around $3k used. I was hoping to pick one up for $2k, but it looks like those are AF-I (considerably noisier and slower to focus). Looks like I'll be saving up a bit longer than I had expected! I'm still not convinced I need the 300mm lens. The 400mm is ridiculously tight in basketball, but as you can see from my photos over at the DC Sports Box I'm able to get a few action shots with it. While I could get a ton more with a 300mm I'm having a hard time justifying the cost. I have a feeling I'll stick it out with the 400mm until I see a 300mm AF-S II that is remarkably cheap (sub $2500 range).

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