Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Terps played the Braves in the third round of the 2007 NCAA Tournament. The Terps were looking for a College Cup but their hopes were dashed after a 2-0 lead dwindled to a tie in the final 2 minutes of regulation. The Terps played solidly in double overtime but fell with 1:31 remaining in the second overtime on a redirected header. You can read more about it and see my pictures over at the DC Sports Box.

This was a very difficult shoot. The lighting was abysmal as usual, but it was unusually cold. It was about 35 degrees at game time and there was some wind to make it feel colder. I had on my convertible mittens (yay) and they helped, but there's only so much heat you can retain after being outdoors in 35 degree weather for 3 hours. Towards the end my fingers and toes were numb. I was hoping for the Terps to pull it out so that we could go home after regulation, but the Braves forced the double overtime.

I chatted with Yuchen and Greg for awhile tonight and listened to my iPhone. It was fun listening to Greg talk about some of the jobs he's done. He's gone to the Olympics and it was neat to listen to him talk about working with the media people here and what they're like. Maybe I'll write more about it some time later. But for now I'm sleepy and cold so I'm going to go jump into my warm bed!

Tomorrow I'm shooting a wrestling match. I have no idea what that's going to be like...

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  1. Zuzu Madanat said...
    Hey Chris...

    Could you email me those pictures you took at the game? My camera isn't as good as yours so I don't have any close pictures of the game. Oh, I'm a Bradley student so if you would rather not that's ok, but from talking to you for a bit at the game I can tell you're a good guy (I was the kid that asked for picked of me before the game and kept posing lol)

    my email is

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