Saturday, December 22, 2007

Things keep getting worse for the Terps. This evening the Terps fell to regional challenger American University in horrible fashion. The Terps were lackluster in their perfomance and didn't seem to put much energy into the game. American hasn't defeated Maryland in over 80 years of play across 14 games. You can read Anthony's article over at the DC Sports Box along with my photos.

I found a nice compromise for my in-game photos. I'm uncomfortable posting them to my blog due to the NCAA rules and questions about whether blogs are journalistic or commercial creations. To play it safe I stopped posting my NCAA photos on here. I created a flickr account and that allows me to restrict access to certain sets of photos to people that are my "Friends" or "Family." If you'd like to see the high resolution versions of the photos head over to my flickr account and add me as a Friend. I'll then look at your photos and add you as friend of mine and you'll be able to see the photos.


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