Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Terps are playing the BB&T Classic and fortunately we have a credentialed reporter and photographer present at Verizon Center. Since I'm trying to spread the wealth around with my fellow reporters I decided to cover the Wrestling dual this afternoon. This was a first for me: I've never shot or written about wrestling before. It was in Comcast Pavilion so I was familiar with the venue, but I was unfamiliar with the players or how the game is tallied.

My photos came out so-so. Wrestling is a lot slower than volleyball so I was able to slow down my shutter to 1/120 - 1/200th. Down around 1/120th I got some motion blur. Up at 1/200th it was dark at times (at 1600 ISO). It was difficult to work with a black mat. The players faces look down for the most part and the black light doesn't reflect very well.

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