Friday, February 20, 2009

On Sunday I shot the Lady Terps vs Rutgers. Last year Rutgers erased a 10 point lead the Terps had in the second half and handed Maryland a loss. This afternoon's game was a chance for the Lady Terps to level the playing field and they did well.

I intended on setting up a remote on the stantion but I failed to make it to the arena in time to get my remote mounted and configured. Greg has a "1 hour before tipoff" policy that basically says you have to have all your rigging ready to go 1 hour before tipoff. Because I ran late I wasn't able to get my equipment in place. Oh well... Better to follow rules...

I really liked a photo of Greg's he shot during the previous men's game. During the introduction of the team he stood far away and used the reflection of the court to get a really cool shot of the team huddled up. I loved the contrast between the pitch black darkness and the colorful jerseys of the team. It's easily one of my favorite sports photos I've seen.

I decided to try my hand at reproducing it tonight. I got a decent shot of the Lady Terps huddling up and I thought the pink jerseys gave the photo an extra something. I really liked it.


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