Friday, February 20, 2009

I've fallen behind on my photoblog for the past 3 weeks. This evening I'm trying to warp speed up my posts so that I get something out that documents the thought processes I went through during the games.

On January 31st I photographed the Maryland Men's Basketball team vs Miami. I arrived late to the game but was in the arena with plenty of time before tipoff. I don't rig up remotes and I usually spend the first half shooting from the stands so this wasn't too big of a deal. The only negative aspect to my late arrival was that I couldn't find a good spot to drop my laptop in the media room.

As ACC season cranks into full swing the media room at the Comcast Center becomes significantly more busy. There are lots of folks from various media organizations and they all claim their spaces with backpacks and jackets on the backs of chairs even though laptops don't reside on the tabletops. Most of them take their laptops out to the arena floor for notetaking and sometimes I wish that they wouldn't claim spaces in the media room that they don't intend to use during half time. All I really need is about 24-36 inches of space and there is ton of desk space available but it's all claimed by ghosts. Oh well...

I decided to shoot the game at f/4 this evening and the results came out well. I continued at ISO 2500 even though I'm thinking about ramping up to 3200 or 4000 given my smaller aperture. I climbed higher this evening for some shots and the different in reflected light is significant.


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