Sunday, October 26, 2008

When basketball finally let out I walked out of Comcast Center and into Lot 4 to take a gander at the Field Hockey scoreboard. The brick building of the complex occludes the score but you can still see the time remaining. Fortunately there was 15 minutes to go...

I decided to race down to the complex and catch the final few moments. Prior to heading inside I remembered to change the folder in the camera. When I have multiple events on the same day I change the folder in the camera so that importing the photos into Lightroom is easier. Rather than having to know that event #2 began with photo DSC_2335.JPG I can partition the events at the directory level. Event #2 is in the 102 folder, event #3 is in 103...

I only captured 11 minutes of field hockey but it was worth it. I got a good isolation shot of Reilly as well as a cool shot of Amanda Himmelheber. Greg Fiume was at the event as well and I hardly recognized him because of his rain gear and hat.

Immediately after the event I packed up and hoofed it back to Byrd Stadium for football. I didn't want to be late for the kickoff and I still had to pick up my TERPHOTO sticker.


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