Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Softball: Georgia Tech vs Virginia

I believe 5 games were scheduled for Friday. Only 1 actually took place. The Washington DC region was caught up in ridiculous rain event that brought 2-3 inches to the area in a constant downpour during the day on Friday. As a result most of the games for Friday were pushed until Saturday morning.

I was scheduled to cover the 5:30pm and 8pm games. The first revised schedule I received pushed the 5:30pm game back to 7pm and the 8pm back to 9:30. I kinda cringed at the thought of starting a softball game at 9:30pm. It wouldn't end until 11pm at the earliest. Post processing (photo touch up and article writing) takes nearly 2 hours if I know the team. When it's two unknown teams it takes me longer. And when I get home I like to touch base with Julie for awhile to catch up on what's new in her life. With a 9:30pm start time I wouldn't get home until 11:30. Then I'd catch up with Julie until midnight at the earliest, and I wouldn't wrap up my post processing until 0200 at the earliest. That's a tough schedule.

Fortunately they called the 9:30pm game and pushed it to Saturday morning. That left just 1 game to shoot on Friday night. Although I was happy at the prospect of not going to bed at 2:30am Saturday morning I was also a little sad at not having another game to shoot.

It was a bit unusual to shoot a game at the softball field knowing that Maryland was eliminated from contention, but that's part of the job I suppose. It was still fun watching two teams fight it out for a win, but it wasn't the same without a Terrapin jersey in the mix. At the same time there was a strange disassociation I had with the event: I really didn't care who won and who lost...

Dave informed me that he had spoken with someone from Maryland who gave us the nod to sell some photos from the event. I was happy to hear that we received the approval. Without their thumbs-up we'd be risking a lot. And I anticipated a bunch of requests in the following week for photos of the tournament.


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