Sunday, January 27, 2008

On Tuesday I received an email in my inbox from the Terrapin Athletic Office. I was approved for media credentials for the upcoming men's basketball game against Duke. My jaw dropped to the floor in my amazement as I forwarded the email to my wife with the text "".

It's hard to believe that 4 short months ago I couldn't get a credential to field hockey or soccer game, and here I was in late January staring at an email in my inbox thinking "I must not have read this correctly. It has to say declined somewhere." I really thought it was a mistake!

It turns out that we were approved for a reporter position and all the photos spots were taken. The photo spots would have been great, but I understand that WTTG, WUSA, and WJLA take precedence over the DC Sports Box. I set up my laptop and took meticulous notes during the game.

The reporters I sat next to didn't take very many notes at all. I glanced at them at various points and they just had players names. No stats, tallies, key plays, or anything to help them jog their memory. I hope they can remember a lot because their notes didn't seem to be very verbose!

Bombale Osby and James Gist played a helluva game, each scoring in double figures. Boom almost had a double-double by halftime. Vasquez also played well, as did Eric Hayes. They had a lot of turnovers in the second half though that disrupted the flow and ultimately led to the downfall of the Terps. Hopefully they'll get that back in check for the Virginia game on Wednesday night.

The press conference was packed with reporters but it was actually pretty quiet. I skipped the player interview because it would've been too busy to get anything meaningful. I know that Rose and Sean go to those and I can just use the quotes they transcribe.

Anyhow, please go take a look at the Maryland vs Duke article over at the DC Sports Box.


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