Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Looking Forward to This Weekend...

During the day my home directory tends to fill up. I support a few customers that use the software I've written, and during the support and debugging process I tend to generate a lot of temporary files. Most of them are SQL files, python code, Java code, or some other artifact of my regular day job. However, from time to time some pictures from my shoots appear in the mix.

I took the above picture during the Maryland vs West Virginia game a few weeks ago. I remember that it was a great shoot, and I don't understand why I didn't use this photo in the blog. Maybe back then I was focusing more on pitcher shots than action shots. But right now I love the picture: the ball is slightly blurred and the catcher and batter are clearly in focus.

Looking forward to this weekend it's going to be busy. I'm planning on attending the Maryland Baseball game Friday night against North Carolina. That should be a good one, as it starts at 7pm and the sun is setting later every day. Hopefully I'll have some good light for it. I'm also going to cover the Maryland Youth Lacrosse League on Saturday for the Bowie Blade. If you've been following my blog you'll remember that I'm scrambling trying to find volunteer work and not making a whole lot of progress. Fortunately the sports editor (Jake Linger) at the Bowie Blade is going to give me a break by offering me an assignment this weekend. I'm looking forward to the shoot and I hope that my pictures are good enough for Jake to use in the paper. I'll post some shots as soon as possible.

I'm also going to try to cover the Northern Virginia Royals and Majestics games on Saturday night. They start at 5pm and 7:30pm, and I'm hoping I'll have enough time to head down there after the lacrosse tournament. Some folks with the two teams have responded positively to my offers and I'm hoping I'll get some good shots of those folks. Unfortunately they're pretty far away from College Park so it'll be difficult to travel to their game sites when they play. But on the other hand I'm hungry for "work" (volunteer work for now) so I'll take whatever opportunity I can grab.

On Sunday I'm back to the lacrosse tournament all day. I've listened to the forecast for the weekend and it sounds like Sunday will be the better of the two days. I'm going to take what I learned on Saturday about shooting the younger players (e.g. getting their names) and hopefully improve on Sunday.

Lastly, on Monday I'm going to try to cover the Bowie Baysox game. The Blade didn't ask me to do it, but when I called the Baysox on Tuesday the marketing director offered me some free credentials. When I chatted with the Jake from the Blade he said that he already has someone covering the Baysox. If that's the case maybe I can hook up with him on Monday night and ask if he's looking for an assistant. I'm just looking for different opportunities to shoot sports.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll have some more pictures in the next few days!


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