Monday, January 14, 2008

The Maryland Terrapins took on the Duke Blue Devils tonight at the Comcast Center. No it wasn't the men's team. This was the women's basketball team. They managed to bring out 15,531 fans and set the 5th highest attendance record in the ACC. Maryland holds the top 7 spots for attendance at women's basketball games.

Marissa Coleman played an OK game. She scored 30 points so I suppose that's pretty good. That actually ties a career high for her. Toliver started out a little cold with only 2 points in the first half but finished strong with 21 total points. Harper also played well and forced several steals and made some clutch free throws down the stretch to cinch the win.

Whenever Maryland got ahead a little bit the Blue Devils were able to even the score. They tried to slow the Terps down a lot and it worked on a lot of occasions. I heard Coach Park yelling to the team to keep moving and to talk. The zone defense is challenging and it was pretty effective.

In the end it was a solid performance in the final 6 minutes that gave the Terps the win. Duke went ice cold in the final minutes and only made 1 field goal and 1 free throw. The Terps were solid on rebounding, shooting, and free throws to end the game and that made all the difference.

Please go over to the DC Sports Box and read my article.

Al Santos came out to the game tonight to take photos. It was fun being with Al prior to the game. Yuchen was also back from Las Vegas. He looked like a hitman because he was wearing a suit. We joked that he was in the Chinese mafia but he claims he was just in jury duty today. It was nice seeing them and chatting before the game. Usually I'm just back in the media room working on my lappy and eating a sandwich. But tonight it was nice to be around people I knew.


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