Thursday, January 3, 2008

The holiday break is finally over and a lot of teams are back on the court playing hoops. It felt good to get back into the arena this evening and shake hands with the other photographers. I shot and reported on the Maryland Men's Basketball game against Savannah State this evening. While picking up my press pass I found out that Jill Wentzel is no longer with the Athletic Department. She was only there for a few months but she was always very friendly and helpful towards me whenever I needed something. I'm sad to see she's gone.

The game was a lot of fun tonight. I shot part of the first half from up in the stands and then headed down to courtside for the remainder of the first half. It was pretty exciting because it was a little sloppy at times. Lots of loose balls and the like.

The second half cleaned up and I got some good shots of the players shooting. I focused most of my time on my D200. I pretty much don't use the D2H in Comcast. The lighting is just too dark and the noise level is just too high.

Please go over to the DC Sports Box and read my article and view my photos.

I've also started posting my photos up to Flickr. My sports photos require you to be my "friend", but that's very easy for you to do. You can see my other Flickr photos by going here.


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